I am looking for information about my Korean or Japanese father. Can the Nationaal Archief help me?

Some time ago I found out that my father was a Japanese or Korean soldier serving in the Netherlands East Indies during World War II. My mother has passed away, but her younger sister recently helped me discover my father's name. How can I begin my research, and what can I expect to find in the Nationaal Archief?

A good way to start is by contacting the 'Stichting Sakura (Sakura Foundation) or the ‘Vereniging Japans-Indische Nakomelingen' (Association of Japanese-Dutch Indian Offspring). These organisations can often provide you with very useful information. Next, collect as much information as possible among your own family. Does anyone know a Japanese, Korean or Formosan name? Do they know if he was a soldier or a civilian? What unit or organisation was he with (army, navy or kempetai?) And where did your parents meet?

Available in the reading room

The Nationaal Archief contains pertinent records in access number 2.09.19 'Archieven van de Krijgsraden (te velde) in Nederland en in Nederlands-Indië' (Archives of the Courts Martial in the Netherlands and the Netherlands East Indies) and access number 'Archief L.F. de Groot' (L.F. de Groot Collection). De Groot worked at the Department of Justice and later as a magistrate. He was primarily involved in trying Japanese war criminals on behalf of the 'Landgerecht' (District court in the Indies). The collection contains documents on the memoirs of Lt. Gen. Imamura Hitoshi, summaries of verdicts by the Provisional Court Martial in Batavia and documents dealing with the Japanese internment camps in the Netherlands East Indies. Due to privacy concerns, you must receive permission from the archive staff before you may view the documents in the reading room. For more information see Question 23 of 'De Oorlogsgids'.