What information does the Nationaal Archief have on prisoner of war camps?

My father died a prisoner of war in Ambon in 1943. We received notice of his death while we were interned in the Halmaheira camp in Semarang. We have always wondered how he ended up there, as my father was put on a transport from Surabaya and we had always understood that most prisoners of war were shipped to Burma and Japan. Does the Nationaal Archief have any information on prisoner of war camps?

To find out which camps your father was in, start by requesting his KNIL-military records from the Nationaal Archief. These should contain information on the camps in which your father was interned.

Digital Collection

Much information on POW camps and civilian internment camps in the Netherlands East Indies and elsewhere is included in access number 2.10.62 'NEFIS/CMI' collection, inventory numbers 244 to 249 (Sumatra), 250 to 281 (Java), 282 to 285 (Borneo), 286 to 287 (Celebes), 288 to 290 (the Moluccas), 291 (New Guinea) and 292, 294 to 299 and 308 (elsewhere in Southeast Asia). Inventory number 300 contains general information. Access number 2.13.72 'Ministerie van Defensie: Commandant Zeemacht' (Ministry of Defence, Commander of the Navy) contains information on the mistreatment of prisoners of war in Makassar in inventory number 1328.

Available in the reading room

The records in access number 'Stichting Administratie Indische Pensioenen (SAIP)' (Indies Pensions Administration Foundation) provide information about the locations where soldiers were held prisoners of war. Access number 'Stichting Administratie Indische Pensioenen (SAIP)' (Indies Pensions Administration Foundation) contains Japanese camp cards of Prisoners of War.