Why was Makassar bombed?

During the war we lived in the Losari neighbourhood of Makassar. The city was regularly targeted by American bombing raids. Why did they attack Makassar, and where can I find more on bombing raids on the Netherlands East Indies?

The port and airfield of Makassar were important targets for Allied pilots operating from bases in New Guinea, as the Japanese Southwestern Fleet was based in Makassar.

Available in the reading room

Access number 2.13.132 ‘Strijdkrachten in Nederlands-Indië' (Military Forces in the Netherlands East Indies) collection contains information specifically dealing with Makassar in inventory numbers 1792 to 1798 (Intelligence Situation Reports, Headquarters Allied Air Forces) and 1844 (Weekly Intelligence Reviews, Headquarters Fifth Air Force). Inventory number 1845 (Intelligence Summary, Headquarters Thirteenth Air Force) contains summaries of the intelligence reports from the SWPA operational zone in 1944 and 1945.