Is there any information about the Bersiap period?

We lived in Meester Cornelis, Batavia, during the Bersiap period. I remember that we had to stay in the house, because it was too dangerous to go outside. People were being kidnapped, shot and murdered. Ghurkas evacuated us to the Tenth Battalion in Batavia where we were guarded by Moluccan soldiers. Even there it was not entirely safe and some shootings took place. History books don't have much to say about that time, so does the Nationaal Archief have any information about the Bersiap period?

Digital Collection

The Digital Collection contains documents relating to this period; especially those from the British National Archives contain quite a bit of information. Search these documents, for example, for the keywords 'Batavia', 'Meester Cornelis' or ‘Moluccan troops'. In access number 2.13.132 'Strijdkrachten Nederlands-Indië' (Military Forces in the Netherlands East Indies) collection, you can also find a great deal of detailed information in the block 'Brits Indische Divisies' (Indian Divisions).

Available in the reading room

Inventory numbers 999, 1000 and 1001 of the access number 2.10.62 'NEFIS/CMI' collection contain detailed information from the Reports of the Intelligence and Loyalty Investigation Service AMACAB in Batavia, 1945-1946.