Can I search the archives by name?

Some time ago I began researching my family history. I am looking for information on my parents, primarily during the war in the Netherlands East Indies. Can I search for my family name in the collections of the Nationaal Archief?

Digitale collectie

You can. Simply enter a name in the 'Farewell to the Indies' Digital Collection search engine. You will then see the documents in which that name occurs. However, if the original documents are in poor condition or handwritten, the search engine will unfortunately produce fewer hits. The search engine is therefore not always 100% reliable. If you wish to search the rest of the Nationaal Archief collection for your family name, then you will only find hits if the name entered is included in document titles. Searches for specific names therefore seldom produce many hits. It may therefore be useful to learn more about your family background before starting your search. See the Research Tips and the instructional film 'Onderzoek doe je zo' (Research made simple) for an explanation.