The Republic of Indonesia

On 17 August 1945 Sukarno declared the independence of Indonesia from Jakarta, with himself as its first President and Hatta as Vice-President. Under the constitution Indonesia would be a Republic with a Cabinet that was responsible to the President. Until general elections could be held, the KNIP (Komite Nasional Indonesia Poesat - Central Indonesian National Committee) would represent the people of Indonesia. The committee members were appointed by Sukarno, and Sutan Shahrir was appointed the Republic's first Prime Minister. Due to the tense political situation then existing in Batavia/Jakarta, the Republican Government moved its seat to Yokyakarta. The young Republic had to deal with a militant wing that was not willing to accept concessions to any terms other than complete recognition of independence. It also had no control over the numerous Indonesian irregular forces that refused to join the regular Army. During the first few months following the declaration of independence, large parts of Java were plunged into complete anarchy. In late November 1945 the British high command asked the Indonesian Government for assistance in repatriating the Japanese forces and in providing security for food transports to Bandung and Buitenzorg. This offered the Republic an opportunity to create international goodwill by showing that it could execute large-scale humanitarian operations. In order to carry out relief operations, the Republic set up POPDA (Panitia Oeroesan Pengangkoetan Djepang dan APWI - Organisation for the Evacuation of the Japanese and APWI).


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