Negotiations between the Netherlands and Indonesia

The decolonisation conflict between the Netherlands and Indonesia did not just involve military combat; throughout the period both sides were constantly negotiating as well. In April 1946 Republican and Dutch delegations met for talks at the St. Hubertus hunting lodge in the Hoge Veluwe natural park in the Netherlands. This conference did not result in tangible results, but the Dutch Government was prepared to recognise that the Republic was the de-facto authority in Java. At a later conference mediated by the British in Linggadjati, the Republic and the Netherlands agreed that the Republic would co-operate in the creation of a federal Indonesian state that would be part of a Dutch-Indonesian Union. In return, the Netherlands would recognise that the Republic was the de-facto government in Java and Sumatra.
After the First Police Action the parties met aboard the American naval vessel Renville for talks supervised by the Good Offices Committee. The Renville Agreement stipulated the demarcation lines between the Dutch and Indonesian positions in Java and Sumatra and arranged for the evacuation of Indonesian forces from Dutch-held areas. After the Second Police Action, the Van Roijen-Roem Accord cleared the way for the eventual transfer of sovereignty to the Republic of the United States of Indonesia, which was then agreed upon at the Round Table Conference in The Hague. In a ceremony held in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on 27 December 1949, Queen Juliana and Prime Minister Hatta signed the official transfer of sovereignty by which the Netherlands recognised the Republic.


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