Riksarkivet (Stockholm, Sweden)

In 2005 the Swedish Riksarkivet conducted an inventory of the archives of the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, the Consulate-General in Jakarta and the Consulate in Surabaya. This inventory discovered many documents dealing with the years 1942-1945 in the Dutch East Indies and the rest of Asia.
Sweden was a neutral power in the Pacific War, but during the war the Consulate-General in Batavia and the Consulate in Surabaya were officially closed and placed under the supervision of Japanese authorities. Unofficially, however, the Consul-General, Sven Oscar Lehman and the Consul, Axel Wieslander, continued their work in promoting the interests and providing assistance to the Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Finns and Hungarians in the archipelago. Wieslander appointed Erik G.F. Wester as Consular Correspondent in Bandung, and the Japanese made him the representative of the Swedes there. The three men began a lively correspondence on the situation and the events in and around Batavia, Bandung, and Central and Eastern Java, first on postcards and later in letters. The Consulates on Java also had contact with the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, under the leadership of Minister Widar J.K Bagge. The Swedish Embassy represented the interests of Dutch subjects in East Asia.

The selection

Reproductions have been made from the following records:
Consular Archive in Jakarta: documents received 1942-1945, Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 808 to 819;
Consular Archive in Surabaya: documents sent 1942-1945, inv. no. 820 to 823 and documents received 1943, Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 824;
Beskickningsarkiv Tokyo, Ämnesordnade Handlingar, Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 825 to 832. These documents deal with activities relating to Dutch citizens and Dutch affairs in East Asia.