National Archives of Australia (Canberra, Australia)

Australia played a vital military and political role in all phases of the war and the decolonisation process. Political and policy documents relating to the period are held in the National Archives of Australia.
The most relevant archive segments that can provide more insight into the situation in the archipelago and the Australian view of the Indonesian independence movement can be found in three main sections:
1) External Affairs - the foreign relations of Australia, the Good Offices Committee and the United Nations Commission for Indonesia;
2) Defence Department - military operations and strategy (Army, Navy & RAAF);
3) War Cabinet/Advisory War Board/Prime Minister papers.
The first two sections together form the lion's share of all of the documents, and there is a considerable amount of overlap within the sections and between sections. The documents selected are a series that deal with the same theme, with as few loose documents as possible. These documents were selected based on their relevance, unique contents and composition.

The selection

A total of 416 documents from the National Archives have been reproduced. Some interesting series are listed below.

External Affairs:
Netherlands policy in post war period, 1945-1950, Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 283 to 291;
Negotiations between the Dutch and Indonesians, parts 1 to 27, 1946-1950, Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 303 to 329;
Negotiations between the Dutch and the Republic of Indonesia, parts 1 to 6, 1947-1950, Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 378 to 386;
Committee of Good Offices - Records, parts 1 to 6, 1947-1948, Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 387 to 392.

Defence Department:
Collection of Special Operations Australia, 1944-1945, Access number 2.22.21,inv. no. 399 to 467;
Selections from the Shedden Collection [Documents collected by Sir Frederick Shedden during his career at the Ministry of Defence], Access number 2.22.21,inv. no. 481 to 542.

War Cabinet:
Selections from the Reference set of War Cabinet agenda with minutes, annual single number series, 1941-1946, Access number 2.22.21,inv. no. 550 to 579.