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The United States played an important role at various points during the war and the decolonisation process in the Netherlands East Indies. During the Allied defence of the East Indies, the United States were part of the American-British-Dutch-Australian Command (ABDACOM). After the Dutch surrender in the East Indies, Southeast Asia was divided between a British and an American command zone. Until 15 August 1945, the Dutch East Indies (minus Sumatra) were assigned to the South West Pacific Area (SWPA) under the command of American General MacArthur. After the war, the United States continued to play a role in the decolonisation process in the East Indies, including their participation in the United Nations' Good Offices Committee.

The selection

In selecting sources in the United States, the project committee chose a number of well-documented and easily-reproduced series:
• Record group 59: General Records of the Department of State Decimal Files (1945-1949). This sequential source contains documents from American diplomatic services to the State Department, and illustrates the political aspects of the decolonisation process.
• Record group 59: Department of State Decimal Files Relating to World War II, 1939-1945. Pacific War Oct. 1940-Dec. 1945 with index. This source describes the position of the Dutch East Indies in the SWPA operational zone.
• Record group 84: Records of Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State. Walter Foote was the American Consul General in Batavia/Jakarta from 1941-1949. During the occupation he carried out his duties from Melbourne, Australia. This group therefore also contains information on relations between the Dutch East Indies and Australia.
This Record Group contains three collections relevant to the project:
- Jakarta Consulate General: Miscellaneous Records of Walter A. Foote, 1947-1949
- Foreign Service Post of the Department of State Indonesia; Batavia Consul General in Melbourne, Australia General Records, 1941-1944 000 - 886.3
- Foreign Service Posts of The Department of State Indonesia; Batavia Consul General in Melbourne, Australia Classified General Records, 1941-1945