F. Gouda Research Collection

When researching their book American Visions on the Netherlands East Indies/Indonesia. US Foreign Policy and Indonesian Nationalism 1920-1949 (Amsterdam 2002), Frances Gouda (University of Amsterdam) and Thijs Brocades Zaalberg (Netherlands Institute of Military History) made copies of documents held in the archives of the United Nations, a number of American archives and the Arsip Nasional in Jakarta, Indonesia. These copies have been made available for reproduction to the Farewell to the East Indies project (2005-2008).

The selection

  • The digital collection includes reproductions from the following archives:
    United Nations, New York:
    UN Security Council Resolutions (Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 855-870);
    Departmental Archival Group (DAG) 13: UN Missions and Commissions; DAG 13/2.0.0.: Good Offices Committee and United Nations Commissions for Indonesia, 1947-1951 (Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 871-941).
  • National Archives and Records Administration, amongst others:
    Record group 59: documents from the Frank Graham Papers (Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 942), from the General Records of the Department of State Files (Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 944 to 956);
    Record group 165: documents from the Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs (Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 961 to 966);
    Record group 263: documents from the Strategic Services Unit War Department formerly Office of Strategic Services (Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 968 to 988).
  • Arsip Nasional, Indonesia:
    Yogya Dokumen (Access number 2.22.21, inv. no. 990 to 1014).